Kalimna Jetty & Seaview Parade Walk

Drive: All normal roads. You can park to start this walk at variety of places -Kalimna Jetty, Marine Parade Reserve or Jemmys Point.

Walk: If starting at the jetty walk along the water. When arrive at the Y you can keep left to keep on the track or go right which will turn into walking along the sand (or water if high tide) and will have to walk through short bush to get back onto track. When you arrive at the bridge you can turn off before the bridge to walk along the road up the hill. When you get to the top of the hill walk turn left to Jemmys Point and keep walking on the road, when the road ends you will see a trail that goes down to the Kalimna Jetty. If you walk under the bridge you can walk up the trail to Seaview Parade for views. If you walk under the bridge you can pass the trail to Seaview Parade and walk across the bridge to Marine Parade Reserve.

Enjoy this beautiful walk in East Gippsland.

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