Macleod Morass

Drive: Look up Macleod Morass Game Reserve on Google Maps - this is where you can park at the start of the walk. Make sure to go from Forge Creek Road if you go behind the Saleyards the bridge is closed and not sure if you can park on the opposite side of the road.

WalkFrom March-May Duck hunting happens here just FYI. The walk itself is really nice and relaxing. The map on Parks Vic is not how the walk is laid out - when you start there is no start to the loop you have to walk straight and you will see a trail on your left which is correct on the map a few meters up on your right you will see a turn and this is the start of the loop, the loop will finish here too. When you are doing the loop you can walk across the water when you see the turn or keep walking just a little bit further and the trail will curve and start turning you around. The boardwalk is covered by plants so you can't walk on it. Trails very well maintained and grass is kept short. 

Enjoy this beautiful walk in East Gippsland.

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