Thurra River Dunes Walk

Drive: Driving on a track for awhile, it is extremely bumpy but my Toyota Yaris made the drive.



Walk: Thurra River Dunes Walk and Genoa Peak are my two favourite walks in East Gippsland. It starts at campground 14 you’ll see a sign for it! The hike took 30 minutes for me to get to but obviously depends on ability. Not many signs on walk - when can really hear the ocean and at kind of a dead end turn left and you’ll see small path. Once you see the dunes go down overgrown trail to right. There’s sign at bottom of trail to remember where you came from. Ocean views to the right when you get to sand dunes! It can get extremely windy up here so watch out and your footprints will most likely be covered up - would be hard to get lost though.

Also check out the Lighthouse while you're here!

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Have you done this walk? Would love to know!